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PSI Sports Management, Inc
David York | Head Trainer

With over 20 years of experience training professional athletes, David has provided the benefit of his expertise to PSI Sports’ players for the past 12 years. Before joining our team, he was a speed and strength trainer for NFL organizations. PSI clients have year-round access to David’s state-of-the-art gym and training facility in Ventura, California.

David pioneered the use of functional training for professional athletes. Using this method, athletes gain flexibility, agility, speed, and strength, and avoid the greater risk of injury posed by other training styles.  PSI Clients reap the benefit of his continued innovation of advanced workouts that incorporate cutting-edge equipment and techniques. He tailors training styles to the unique positional needs of players, applying specifically designed movements the workouts of pitchers and fielders to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of training.

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